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Clay Peck

Clay Peck is the founding pastor of Grace Place, which he started in Berthoud, Colorado in 1996. Clay holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Denver Seminary and is committed to communicating the unchanging gospel of God’s grace in fresh and relevant ways. Grace Place is dedicated to being an externally focused, multiplying church and has planted five churches and sponsored hundreds of children who are victims of extreme poverty.

Clay grew up in Colorado before meeting and marrying his wife, Selene, in college. They have two children—one by birth and one by adoption. Clay enjoys dating his wife, spending time with his children, reading, learning, travel, adventure, motorcycles, overlanding, and enjoying God’s creation—especially in the mountains of Colorado.

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The Main Thing:
40 Days of Grace

Have you ever been burned by religion?

Maybe you got turned off to God and church because you thought it was all about rules and ritual. Maybe you felt judged and discouraged, like you could never be good enough. Maybe you saw hypocrisy – people who preached one way and lived another way.

In The Main Thing, Clay Peck will take you on a journey through the New Testament epistle to the Galatians, helping you see that the gospel really is good news, not good advice. It is not about what you must do for God, but about what he has already done for you.
• Find freedom from trying to earn your own salvation
• Recognize what it means to be secure as an adopted child of God
• Distinguish between Christ-plus-something and a Christ-alone gospel
• Understand the radical distinction between the Old and New Covenants
• Consider how to avoid the ditches of legalism and license
• Learn to live a life of liberty by walking in step with the Spirit

God wants you to get free and stay free!


What People are Saying

Clay and I both share enthusiasm for adventure whether it is camping, motorcycles, or overlanding. But we also are both committed to the greatest adventure of all, which is helping people find true freedom in Christ. Allow Clay to be your guide on a tour of Galatians for the next forty days.

Brian Tome

Author of The Five Marks of a Man

Far too many Christians are spiritual and miserable. The root causes of that all begin with “G”: Guilt, Grief, and Grudges—the main culprit usually being Guilt. Clay Peck has done the Christian Church a great service with his brand–new book, The Main Thing. I am praying that God will use this to set Christians free from guilt and the past. Imagine what American Christianity would look like if Christians were liberated!

Ray Johnston

Senior Pastor Bayside Church

In The Main Thing Clay serves as a sherpa, taking us on a journey along the narrow path toward freedom, which is edged by the dangerous abyss of legalism on one side and license on the other. As Clay and I envisioned what a three–dimensional Grace Place could look, taste, and feel like for the “Samaritan women” of today on the high plains of Colorado, I saw him live this out through a journey fraught with trials and tribulations, highs and lows, but always marked by grace. Clay, thank you for all the baggage you’ve taught me to leave behind, my friend.


Founder PlainJoe Studios

Explain. Illustrate. Apply. Clay Peck masterfully uses this approach to fix our eyes on Jesus and the pure gospel he proclaimed and demonstrated. I’ve been to Grace Place and can attest that the church is welcoming and transforming, not closed and condemning. Grace, peace, and freedom in Christ await you in these thoughtful reflections on Galatians.

Dr. John Wenrich

President The Evangelical Covenant Church

The Main Thing: 40 Days of Grace is a great read for anyone trying to boil down exactly what it means to be Christian. Clay supports the Main Thing from forty different angles, with biblical support and commonsense truth in each day’s reading. Peck challenges believers to hold tight to the main thing while so many try to add to and amend what it means to be Christian. This is a well–written book with inspiring truths for the beginner and the long–time Christian.

Karl Mecklenburg

All-Pro Linebacker Denver Broncos

Prepare to be blessed as Clay guides you in this study of God’s Word. Living a life with Jesus as Lord has filled me with joy and sustained me through some difficult times. I have often trusted Clay as my guide. He absolutely has a true heart for Christ and for all people. Prepare to be blessed!

Joe Tanner

Former Astronaut NASA

I have known Clay Peck for a couple of decades. The church he leads is called Grace Place for a reason. His passion is to reveal the grace of our God to those who least expect it. He has been on a relentless pursuit to present a gospel that will free people from their guilt and shame. A must read!

Greg Nettle

President Stadia Church Planting

I have known Clay Peck for a couple of decades. The church he leads is called Grace Place for a reason. His passion is to reveal the grace of our God to those who least expect it. He has been on a relentless pursuit to present a gospel that will free people from their guilt and shame. A must read!

Dary Northrup

Senior Pastor Timberline Church

Clay Peck is a world–class leader. His pastoral heart for people shines through in his leadership and life and is profoundly expressed in every word of this great book. In his book, The Main Thing: 40 Days of Grace, Pastor Clay invites us to reject life in the “law place” and embrace true life firmly planted in God’s “grace place.” Let this book move you forward into the way of life to which Jesus has called you.

Jonathan Wiggins

Author of Walking with Lions

Clay not only has “The Main Thing…” and an image of a cross tattooed on his arms, he has them tattooed on his heart—and on his mind and his tongue. Using the book of Galatians as his stencil, he has now inked the message of God’s grace and gospel so they can be permanently engraved in your life.

Brain Mavis

President America's Kids Belong

If you are looking for details and debates, look somewhere else. In this devotional Clay keeps “the main thing the main thing.” Jesus is what Christianity is all about. Not judgement, not rules, not politics, not smug self-righteousness. If you’re tired of being distracted by all the “add-ons” to Christianity that seem to subtract more than they add, this devotional will point you back to why people for a thousand generations have joyfully devoted their lives to following Jesus.

Pastor Dave Swaim

President Highrock Network of Churches

Clay is a great leader and a gifted pastor, and he has an unwavering commitment to what is most important in the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ. Whether or not you agree with everything Clay writes as he takes us on a journey through Galatians, you will certainly be challenged and invited to reflect on who Jesus is and what he has done for us. May your reading and reflection draw you closer to the One who gave it all for you and me.

Tammy Swanson-Draheim

Pastor and Superintendent Midwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church

When Clay asked me to endorse his new book I immediately replied: “I would always endorse you. . . and anything else you wanted me to!” After nearly twenty-five years of friendship, and enjoying a close connection in our three–year soul care Covenant Group, I trust Clay Peck! His journey of grace isn’t just a heady intellectual one, it is an intensely personal heartfelt one. Having read his entire manuscript, I highly endorse this forty–day devotional and look forward to rereading and pondering it again. Clay writes with the careful insight of a theologian and the genuine heart of a tested pastor and sincere Christ follower. My only lament is that he didn’t finish this soul–enriching resource much sooner! The vocabulary Clay provides is truly life giving for all who need to be reminded that the position of Savior has been taken!

Dr. Alan Ahlgrim

Founding Pastor Rocky Mountain Christian Church

Clay’s passion for the gospel was a breath of fresh air to my soul. What a biblically rooted and powerful reminder to keep the gospel the main thing, and what an inspiring invitation for all of us to experience true freedom. I urge you to read this book and rediscover all that the simple gospel of Christ offers you.

Alan Kraft

Senior Pastor Christ Community Church

We live in a world where we feel overwhelmed by so many things vying for our time and attention. In The Main Thing my friend Clay Peck guides us through a forty–day journey that helps us get clear on what God’s good news is and is not. Clay leads us through the letter to the Galatians where we realize that 2000 years ago just like today, Christians were getting confused about what is essential and what is secondary. Do you want more freedom, peace, and life? Read this book prayerfully, and keep the main thing the main thing.

Alex Rahill

Director of Church Planting The Evangelical Covenant Church

Do you feel defeated or distant from God in any way? Chances are you’re not experiencing the full benefits of God’s grace. To know God’s grace is to know His heart. Clay shows us through scripture and practical examples how to live from God’s victory rather than striving toward victory!

Tom Ewing

Worship Consultant, Kingdom Encourager

What a refreshing and well–written book! Grounded in Galatians, this is such a needed read for our time. Peck’s captivating and well–written style motivates us to cherish the gospel of Christ while navigating the peripheral hazards of legalism and license. Don’t just scan this compelling study! Read it, share it, and celebrate God’s amazing grace anew!

Lieutenant Colonel Randy Croft

Chaplain US Army

Clay Peck is the real deal. He doesn’t just talk about grace, he lives it, his church exudes it, and his life bears the fruit of it. His experience in an ultra-legalistic church structure gives him a unique perspective and credibility in guiding us down this road as he helps us understand the difference between the yoke of religion and the freedom we find in Christ. I can’t wait for you to experience the liberation in putting the “main thing” in its place and letting everything else fall to the wayside.

Angel Flores

Lead Pastor Mosaic Church

I have witnessed Clay Peck focusing on “the main thing” for more than twenty-five years. By lifting up Christ, above all, and encouraging us to look and live, he has made genuine and lasting impact—eternal impact—in the lives of many, including me. Grace Place is indeed the perfect name for the groundbreaking community that he helped gather together and continues to shepherd, a place where the ground is still level at the foot of the cross, where hope and healing flow freely and new life abounds.

Rik Swartzwelder

Writer/Director Old Fashioned (film)

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